Someone just asked what the criteria of programming is, one of your answers is the family is involved, does that mean the family knows it’s happening?


Family members may not have direct knowledge of the details of the trauma but are complicit.

Family members may: ignore bruising, bed wetting, sexual abuse wounding, other trauma wounds, dissociation, amnesia, and other trauma responses.

Family members participate by upholding the secret atmosphere in which programming happens. Allow the child to be accessed by programmers/handlers, and many other abusive behaviors that may not involve physical violence to the child.

Families can be involved ‘passively’ in the programming process. What I mean by this is: gaslighting, neglect (emotional, physical) starvation, keeping the child awake ensuring they are in a state of sleep deprivation, verbal abuse, scapegoating, and silent treatment to name a few.

These things are easy to deny, and can be ‘over looked’ by a spouse and extended family.


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