Zuby is great and I loved seeing him on the BOYSCAST.

They only let us buy from places they approve of. I’m so glad I’m in a state without too many restrictions.

How much you wanna bet that the same facts in favor of these restrictions on small businesses were also apathetic towards small businesses being destroyed and looted? during the riots

Not too much. It’s obviously not clear cut, but a lot of people who view the lockdowns and restrictions as necessary were also in favor of the protests and didn’t speak out against the riots that destroyed many people’s ability to provide for their families, and most of those where minorities. 

Most of my criticism is pointed at the people who were leading the riots and those who don’t understand that their hypocrisy of wanting things closed down but are up to do protests for BLM and celebrations in the street for Biden. The individuals should be taken on a case by case basis. 

But I didn’t see much concern for those small businesses affected by both Corona and riots in the NYT or a lot of major news sites. Maybe New York Post. I don’t think I say anything in AP news. Which concerns me. Because they seem to criticize big business while not enabling their competitors in the same breath. And it is just another problem of hypocrisy.

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