Podcast Ideas for the Harkles:

1. You too can be a Narcissist!

2. How to Marry the Prince of your dreams…or his brother.

3. How to get designer clothes on a budget (hint, they don’t need to look good on you, just be expensive πŸ˜‰)

4. Multi-part series how to fake a pregnancy and the β€œwhere’s the baby?” Aftermath..

5. Finding the best plastic surgeon (he’ll keep you wanting MORE MORE MORE!)

Give me your ideas. Let’s get them off to a good start with ideas!


1. From a yachter to a duchess in three easy steps

2. How to show your knee burnts and still be classy (or not! Who cares!)

3. How to make it seem like you live in a palace while couch surfing

4. One easy way to become pregnant overnight with a basketball

5. Be maternal with a dolly doll and show it to the world!

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