“Correspondence between Hunter Biden and CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming from 2017 shows President-elect Joe Biden’s son extending “best wishes from the entire Biden family,” and urging the chairman to “quickly” send a $10 million wire to “properly fund and operate” the Biden joint venture with the now-bankrupt Chinese energy company.” —— “You don’t have to do it, Joe”, but Joe did it anyway. It’s all coming out now and the media is not saying “RuSSiAn dIsNfOrMaTiOn” any more. The shit’s very real. -1

Oh yeah and any major foreign cyberattack on the federal government especially during this critical time is considered an act of war. The guy who leaked this:

Also signalled Barr’s departure days ahead of it making the news. I’ll give you a hint, that AF1 model was turned towards the portrait of Lincoln. It’s definitely a Comm, Lincoln>Insurrection Act. Buckle up 😎…

Boy were they ever!

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