Lol, a month ago you were saying that Biden couldn’t call himself President-elect because the Electoral College hadn’t voted for him. Now that they have, you’re saying the EC is moot. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you are one of the MAGA idiots who can’t accept that their cult leader as lost. Reality as called Aeltri, and it’s saying Biden won both the EC and the popular vote. Something your hero Trump has never managed.

In order for a candidate to be President Elect he/she first has to be voted in by the majority of the Electors. The reality is that it involves a lengthy process that you are obviously too stupid to understand. If an election is being contested and unfortunately this one still is past the date that the EC meets, it ends up in Congress. Once that happens the EC becomes moot because then Congress determines who is POTUS by choosing one delegate per state to vote along party lines. Since the GOP controls 26 states Cheeto would then replace Sleepy as President Elect. The results must be finalized by 1/6, though 1/20 is considered the actual cut-off date under extraordinary circumstances.

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