Has the idea that more people wanted Biden to be president ever entered your pea size brain? That it’s why Trump lost? You know that Loser Trump never once won the popular vote right? Newsflash darling, the majority of US voters don’t want him as president, they never did. And please, stop saying you’re an Independent. Not when you keep pushing MAGA and QAnon lies. Not everyone is as stupid as you are.

You’ll never have to worry about having an original idea because you don’t have a brain. If you did you’d admit that despite his considerable flaws Cheeto still won the popular vote (see Scytl) and that Sleepy’s merely being used as a placeholder for POTUS KamalToe! This is the third time that the DNC pulls a bait-and-switch but libtards are none the wiser. Not only does she have a horrible reputation up here in NorCal, she’s a politically inexperienced tool. Her 2% DNC approval rating tells you all you need to know about why she was chosen. Sleepy’s own party is already undermining him and claiming that he’s not progressive enough, you absolute moron. Not everyone sits in their mom’s basement, jacking off to hentai and churning out P2P agitprop like you do!

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