Biden got more votes than Obama because there’s more people eligible to vote now than in 2008 and the voter turnout was higher this year. Also, Biden got more vote than Trump because more people wanted him as president. It really is that simple. It’s easy enough to understand for those who haven’t been brainwashed by the MAGA and QAnon cult. You are one spectacularly stupid woman, you know that?

Did you know that record numbers of dead people, centenarians and minors voted multiple times for a political has-been with senile dementia that couldn’t even fill a Jeep dealership? What we saw starting on 11/4 was statistically impossible but I don’t expect you to understand why. Basic arithmetic and critical thinking are clearly beyond you so GTFO with your abysmally imbecilic BS. If you bothered perusing my Archives you’d see that I am an Independent who simply calls it as she sees it.

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