You say the pictures were taken in NZ, but when that article came out saying that Sophie and the kids were with him there, you said she wasn’t. So if the pictures were taken in NZ, why was she there? It’s really hard for you to keep up with your denials isn’t it? The pictures were taken in London, they’re not fake, they’re not a PR plot and the kids are his. I know reality is an abstract concept for you, but do try and make an effort.

As a family, stupid ass. Why was she there? To vacation on his dime and to keep tabs on her mealticket. Enty himself said that Benedict didn’t even bother meeting up with her for her BDay in Auckland. They each do their own thing, live separately, date other people and you know damn well she set those pap ops up. Those set in London were taken immediately upon arrival to the UK because she hadn’t been able to get any in ages. They were 100% for PR, a complete setup that they sat on for months then dumped on Thanksgiving Day! The kids aren’t theirs, one is a girl, two are the same size, that doesn’t even match the PR narrative. As usual she put in virtually no effort into making it look convincing. One of SoFail’s former? friends has threatened to tell where they’ve gotten kids from BTW. Apparently they had a falling out…that’s reality!

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