Anon Submit (just to be safe):

I live in New Zealand (in the subtropical North Island) too, and Mariet Station Lodge is in the alpine South Island, only accessible via helicopter … they might have been there at some stage, but not when the photos were taken (during filming the TPOTD In the South Island of New Zealand, near Wanaka, where the Lodge is)… you cannot access it with cars … so the photos when Ben is loading the scooter would not be applicable. Mariet Station Lodge is not that posh for New Zealand standards by the way, just isolated.

They stayed in a huge, luxury villa in the COVID LOCKDOWN period of New Zealand, that is on the North Island’s East coast, where it was warm (hence the surfing rumours and the Watch ad) – paid by the film production company (since it a Jane Campion movie, who us a Kiwi).

The point of the above: once and for all the wibo pics were NOT taken in New Zealand. I agree with the London theory, which would make them rather recent, since he has left New Zealand only a couple of months ago.


Thanks nonny! So that answers that. Definitely not done in NZ. Which means if they are recent, he ignored his quarantine orders from Marvel. Oops.

Yeah, except they aren’t that recent even in the UK. It’s glorious to see how PR plants trip over themselves to cover up SS’s stupid lies. Benedict left NZ over 4 months ago, still sporting long hair and a beard as seen in the pap photos, by late August he was back to looking like this:

That places the set with the kids somewhere between late July to mid August. Don’t go by the dates, remember the backdated Bunny Yawn photos? Benedict looks pathetic when he plays stupid PR games like these with that lunatic who keeps fucking him over. It’s hard to remember which of the two is brain damaged when I see this shit…

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