Block Gaslighting:

  • Don’t tell me what happened, I was there.
  • Now on top of saying that, you claim you didn’t, that’s two lies in a row.
  • I heard you the first time. If you can’t stand behind your words maybe keep them in.
  • Do you honestly think I don’t have a working memory? I know exactly what happened
  • It’s a little late to revision the past now, don’t you think?
  • You don’t get to change the past, sorry.
  • Maybe if you wish thats how it happened, you should have done it that way? And not pretend later
  • You seem to think you can convince me that my memory is wrong. This will not happen.
  • Facts will stay the same no matter how many times you say that.
  • Don’t smile expecting me to take this as a joke.
  • Sure, except that’s not what happened.
  • Yeah, and then we all climbed on top of the easter bunny, sure.
  • Stop insulting my memory.
  • Regretful for you, I know what happened, maybe you should try convincing the dog.
  • Even you know it didn’t happen that way. Don’t lie.
  • And now how about you tell the truth? I’m tired
  • Tell the truth or leave me alone. You’re sickening.
  • I will not have you change what happened just because it makes you look better. You did what you did. It’s time to live with it, as I have lived with it. You don’t get a revision.

(Only use those in non-dangerous situation, I know a lot of abusers will turn more dangerous and violent if their gaslighting is rejected. You can still say these in your head to keep yourself sane. You can always, in 100% cases trust your memory over what they say happened. And know if they’re trying to get you enraged with their lies they’re only doing it because it’s easy to manipulate a person once they’re overwhelmed with emotions, keep aware that their words hold no ground at all.)

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