Rufous-tailed Hummingbird enjoying a rain shower. (via stefanoianiromedia)

The Hummingbird

There is a silence in this summer day,
And in the sweet, soft air no faintest sound
But gentle breezes passing on their way,
Just stirring phantom branches on the ground;
While in between the softly moving leaves,
Down to their shadows on the grass below,
The brilliant sunshine finds its way and weaves
A thousand patterns glancing to and fro.

A peace ineffable, a beauty rare
Holds human hearts with touch we know divine.
When, hush! — a little tumult in the air;
A rush of tiny wings, a something, fine
And frail, darting in fiery haste, all free
In every motion; scarce we’ve seen or heard
Ere it is gone! How can such swiftness be
Incarnate in an atom of a bird!
To know this mite, one instant poised in space,
Scarce tangible, yet seen, then vanishing
From out our ken, leaving no slightest trace!
Ah, whither gone, you glowing jewelled thing?
Before you came the very air seemed stilled;
More silent now because with wonder filled.

~ Laura M. Marquand

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