you’ve never really been to New York City. You know nothing about it. NYC is in remarkably good shape considering how hard it got hit with Covid 19 last spring. Cuomo and Di Blasio managed to keep the positivity rate for Covid at 1% all summer. Our citizens have been amazing and cooperative. Now the second wave is predictably starting. NYers are proud of their government. We weep for the rest of America, though. Fools trusted Trump. He failed on every level. You’re a cultist if you support him.

I don’t only base my conclusions only what I’m hearing from New Yorkers and what I’m being shown but on actual figures. Long-time residents had already begun leaving the city a few years ago. Again, the exact same trend I saw in SF. They were already unhappy with the way it was being run, the never-ending lockdowns and business closures were the last straw…

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