Would you look at that, Michigan just certified the vote went to Biden, Pennsylvania will do the same next week and the transition has been approved. Are you finally going to admit that your boy Trump lost? And don’t say SCOTUS will change the results because they won’t. Sanity is coming back to the WH. Pity it won’t come back to you.

Yeah, after the fuckery in Wayne County? LOL, the rushed certification of the last 5 states simply won’t matter when sufficient proof of widespread fraud is brought before the SCOTUS. Let me tell you what happens in that event. The whole election gets invalidated, back to square one, then it goes to the House with one Delegate per state. The GOP controls 26 states, the DNC 20 and 4 could go either way. One of those swing states is almost guaranteed to vote with the GOP. That means that the DNC would still lose with 23/27. The GOP candidate will automatically win which in this case means a second term for Cheeto. It doesn’t matter how many RINOs dance around the issue and kiss Sleepy’s wrinkled ass, Cheeto has not and will not concede. Things are about to get really interesting but I’m not sure you’re going to like it…

PS: Sanity? With Dementia Joe as POTUS and Krazy Killary pegged as US ambassador to the UN?!? Good one 🤣!

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