Agree. Pat Brosnan is not a good example, but comrade de Blasio is the worst of all of them. New York is a total fucked up place because of him. I wish those who voted for him wouldn’t be allow to leave the city and force to fix it up instead. The same thing goes to CA. Why do some idiots think if you screw up your home state/city, move out to another place, vote for the same policies which’ve destroyed your home place, the results will be somehow different?

My point exactly. The fact that meccas of commerce and culture like NYC, SF and LA are literal shitholes now? Is not a coincidence, it has everything to do with their current style of leadership (or lack thereof) and their mysanthropic public policies. I’ve always been of the opinion that no one party should have too much power but it seems like the DNC is even worse at running things than the GOP!

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