When you advocate for the force sterilization of mentally ill people, you’re a Nazi. When you blame the Jews for the Holocaust, you’re a Nazi. In your case, the Goodwin point is moot with you because you’re a fucking Nazi. Don’t like being called one? Then don’t act like one.

I don’t and many people take what Tesla said about eugenics out of context. For example, psychopaths in the upper range of the Hare Scale are unfit to parent anybody. They will invariably abuse their children, therefore they should not have them. Furthermore, traits like pathological narcissism are highly heritable. I didn’t blame the real Jews for the Holocaust, but rather the Sabbatean-Frankists who allied with like-minded Germans to bring it about. Stop and think about what I’m saying for once, instead of insulting me. Calling someone with 1/3 NA ancestry a “Nazi”, give me a fucking break!

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