There is talk of show an “alternate avengers” timeline in DS2 including Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange. Know why that would never have happened? JP has an Oscar an is actually an A list actor as opposed to Ben who is more like a C or D list Actor. Can’t win an Oscar. Can’t headline a movie his own company doesn’t make. TIG didn’t do so well. Doctor Strange is an ensemble cast, Tilda is the recognized name, NOT Ben. Most people outside his fandom have know idea who he is. I’d be interested in seeing his Q score. Also interesting would be what his insurance rating is for movie sets and what his going rate for movie is outside of his own company and Disney. He is definitely not the A list actor that “Enty” rates him. He does one type of role and doesn’t stretch far from that type. If he took a risk, maybe musical or rom-com, it might raise his rating and popularity. More people might know who he is anyway.


I think what you are saying about his list spot os a bit harsh. At worst, he’s B-list now. But I do get what you are saying. He really needs to do something about his current situation (and not just with Zero, but also His team and Sunnymarch). He still has time to get where he wants to be, but he will never get there with his current team/spouse dragging him down.

I know a veteran Career Manager who said that ageism applies to male actors too. That Ben was running out of time to pull his career out of freefall. That it would require a complete brand reboot and a competent team that actually GAF. He has to get out of the fauxmance and pick his company a lot better from now on, no if ands or buts about it…

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