Speaking as someone who lives in the global south, having seen Biden promising that he’ll basically be much more effective at perpetuating US imperialism than inept, lazy Trump + considering everything that happened while he was Obama’s vice-president, Biden actually terrifies me even more than Trump does, especially with what happened in Bolivia last year. 😂🔫

I mean, shit. My country is in the process of getting a new constitution that we hope will get rid of the violent neoliberalism that the US installed here using us as guinea pigs for their little economic experiment.

What if whatever we end up with doesn’t make the US all too happy? Are we gonna get couped again? Are they gonna help Piñera crush the constitutional process or some shit? Are we gonna get sanctioned?

Seeing that apparently US military (? or whatever) leaders aren’t happy with Trump because the dude is such a pissbaby that he gets bored by that talk, makes me think maybe the reason why it was possible for the coup in Bolivia to be overturned in such a short time (besides of course the tremendous active resistance and sacrifice by Indigenous and working class Bolivians), and why the variety of attempts in Venezuela recently failed, is because Trump’s an inept lazy dumbass.

What if Biden truly changes that? The global south is FUCKED fucked in that case.

I understood this from the beginning because Biden, Harris and most of their peers are Globalists 🤦…

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