The media called the election based on the official returns coming from the states electoral boards. They didn’t pull the numbers out of their asses. Trump lost. He lost the popular vote and the Electoral College. You can bitch and moan all you want, there was no evidence whatsoever of fraud. Just like there is no evidence of you having a brain. Give it up Aeltri, your boy lost the election because people can’t stand him. The same way no one can stand you.

It’s called a projection you idiot, the numbers are not final much less certified. Nothing is official until it is certified, get it? The pollsters make projections based on whatever data they get in combination with general voting trends. Once recounts and audits are done the numbers in some battleground states will change by enough of a margin that could still put Cheeto in the lead. EC votes are the last part of the process but that won’t even happen for another 5 weeks. I’ve only explained this three times already but I blame it on your intellectual disability… 


PS: Look at Cheeto’s VS Sleepy’s rallies, so much for the latter being more popular. That doddering old fool couldn’t run a bath.

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