I’m not saying that Trump will ultimately win or Biden will ultimately lose. The votes in swing states need to be audited. The media badly wants Biden to be a next president. Just like the same media wanted Gore to be president in 2000. Just imagine if W. let the media decide the result of the election, who would of been in the Oval Office? Yeah, Al Gore. By the way, I believe having Gore in the WH’d have been a lot better for the country than having pro-war neocons /like Cheney and Powell/ -1


Yes, everything has to be counted properly, audited in the case of software “glitches” etc, invalid ballots tossed and the final results fully certified before being sent in. The Electoral College has to vote after that, SCOTUS gives everything a pass and only then will it be a done deal. It’s understandable that the DNC+RINOS are counting on MSM’s complicity and the electorate’s ignorance to get away with their shenanigans…

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