Oh you poor, sweet, delusional child. Biden won the election fair and square. He’s got the most popular votes and electoral votes. There’s no recount or lawsuits that will change that. Your boy Trump is a loser who is heading to jail come January 22th. It’s time for you to start living in the real world and not the one you’ve created in your deranged mind.

Oh you poor, pathetic troll, the Uniparty doesn’t do anything “fair and square”. Didn’t you learn anything from what happened in 2000 and 2016? Can’t you read? The popular vote count is still being disputed and the Electoral College won’t cast any votes until next month! Please leave electoral matters to those of us who have actually worked as Inspectors OK? Every dog has it’s day but the DNC and their RINO allies will get theirs before the GOP proper does. Reality doesn’t conform to your expectations just because you want it to.

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