I have met Karon a few times when I was a fan of Eddie Izzard and she was or still is his PR. I met her first in 2007, she dressed exactly the same, google Eddie Izzard and Karon you’ll see… She is not so friendly. Saw her at the Bafta red carpet in 2008, yelled at her until she looked around (everyone was yelling as they do…) and when she looked over I waved, and she looked at me like I was a shitstain on her shoe. Saw her last in 2012 in Paris and she did recognize me but I did not talk

Doesn’t she also rep Helena Bonham Carter? No unnecessary drama there so who paid Karon OTDL to drop the ball on Benedict? FFS she’s punted it down Coronation Street ever since the fauxmance began!

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