How I See The Universe


In short, I see it as a torus (a donut-shaped ring), if the inside was made of an infinite amount of neurons. (this means the area and perimeter of the torus is infinite, just like the universe)

So, disclaimer, you don’t have to see the universe the same way as I do.

So the inner ring of this torus is like a ‘starting seed’ for the universe, and it expands outwards infinitely. The inside is made up of all the universes that branch off of the ‘starting seed’ if you’ve seen Steins;gate it is like the world theory that they show, where every small action will put you onto a new ‘world line’.

So let’s get smaller, say that you went to the store, there are almost infinite possibilities for what you can buy, each of these will lead to a different outcome. (e.g. if you buy one apple, you will only have one apple to eat and will get hungry quicker, leading to a different chain of events; however, if you buy two apples, you will be satiated for longer)

Let’s narrow down the options, you can buy one or two apples. I’ll call the reality where you buy one apple ‘a’ and the reality where you buy two apples ‘b’. I think that if you were to choose reality ‘a’ that is the reality that you are now perceiving, You are choosing to perceive this reality, by choosing to only buy one apple. 

Now let’s talk about shifting. First, I think that it is possible for realties that are very close together to merge. After choosing reality ‘a’, you can’t go back in time (i do think time travel is possible, but for this scenario let’s say that it isn’t), but it is easy to shift into reality ‘b’. You may even do this unconsciously. But shifting into a completely different reality like Haikyuu! or BNHA would require significantly more energy and effort. 

Finally, let’s talk about scripting. As I mentioned earlier, the universe is infinite, so I think of scripting as a google search for the specific reality that you want to shift into. I think that if there is something that you don’t script, your subconscious will just find the best outcome for you. I also don’t think that a script is necessary, but I think that it can be helpful for specific shifting methods. Methods aren’t required to shift, but they can help. Subliminals and binaural beats are also not required to shift, but they can also be helpful. The most important thing is your belief; methods, Subliminals, and binaural beats are only tools for you to use, not requirements.

Happy shifting, good luck, Subliminals.

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