Leftist Double Standards:

  • You can’t make fun/insult someone’s sexual orientation
  • (makes fun/insults heterosexual people for being straight)
  • You can’t judge a whole group on the actions of a few—everyone is responsible for their own choices!!!
  • (Broadly determines someone’s worth based on the actions of a few. ie. Police officers, men, white people, conservatives, centrists, libertarians, etc.)
  • You can’t descriminate against someone based on things they can’t change, like sexuality and skin color!!!
  • (Descriminates every day 24/7. ie white privilege, saying whites can’t be victims of racism, women are always innocent and men are always guilty {by dint of being male and big}, etc.)
  • Be body positive and celebrate everyone where they are in their bodies! No fat shaming!!!!
  • (Displays immense outrage and anger when someone becomes fit {ex: the singer Adele} and refuses to celebrate their success and struggle which they clearly think was worth the time and effort)
  • Declares themselves supporters of women and a woman’s rights
  • (Unless that women wants to be a mother and a caregiver and have a husband and a home instead of work)
  • No one needs guns because the police are a phone call away!!!/no one should be allowed to own a weapon except the authorities!!!
  • (Screams ACAB and kill all cops; calls for police defunding and destroys police vehicles and calls them all evil and racist scum; calls the authorities corrupt and immoral and racist and sexist etc.)

I just have a few here from the top of my head that I’ve really begun to notice a TONNE the past few weeks; but I know there are more—go ahead and add any if you can think of them.

Also, I want to make it clear that I think Liberals themselves can have good talking points (SOME of the time; Ricky Gervais is a Liberal that comes to mind)—it’s the Leftists who are overall idiots. The Right of course has some wackados, but not as many radical INSANE weirdos as the Left imo. The Left is 1984-ing all over the place and it’s ridiculous. Also for some reason they still have the Commies while bashing Nazism—y’all, word to the wise: both ideologies are just BAD.

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