For someone claiming to be a WOC, you sure like to take the White Supremacists side. It must be nice to leave in an imaginary world where none of your problems are your fault. Your ancestors must be rolling in their graves wondering what went wrong for you to turn into a massive racist piece of trash.

Explain Lexit, pendejo. The Democrat’s current tactic of pitting BLM aligned African-Americans against Latinos is backfiring terribly. Quite a few of us disaffected POC are Independents who are simply tired of being manipulated via identity politics and seeing historically Latino states like California driven to ruin by bad governance. That being said, the original Republican party was founded in Texas mainly by blacksThe Democrats created the KKK to prevent them and their anti-segregationist white allies from gaining more political power. Sleepy Joe remained true to form when he backed Jim Crow policies and told black voters that they weren’t black if they didn’t stay on the Welfare Plantation. You may want to go back and read some history books before you try to lecture me on something that you obviously know nothing about.   

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