Before you consider donating to any more ‘Aid’ Agencies you might like to watch the latest deep dive made by one of my fav YouTubers *Sir Patrick Mack

Laura #Silsby-Gayler is now an owner operator of a Family Mental Health Counseling facility in #Nampa, #Idaho – where she’s a licensed clinician. This puts #LauraSilsby-Gayler in control of detailed records for families that are potentially in Crisis. She’s remarried to her first husband – and he just happens to work for the #Montana-Idaho #RedCross. He has felony arrests out of SLC, UT. This gives him access to Families in crisis, vulnerable #children and #women. This area has a higher population of #Latino and #immigrant families.

How did they pass any State or Federal Background checks? Is it any wonder we’re in this mess?“ –@C_ridestraight

🔸 "I think everything needs to be released, regardless of how disturbing it is, and before the 2020 #Election.” –@JCD1975

🔸 “The anger I feel about #Haiti is overwhelming. As a single mom back in the late 80’s early 90’s I made 3 medical missionary trips to Haiti. The people we helped and served were so poor yet so giving of themselves. I await the day that these sick perverts are brought to justice. If not on earth on the day they stand before the Lord and truly pay the price for their sins.” –@Alaskan_Sourdough_Worms_Gardens_Etc.

🔸 “A story broke last night involving a big #charity in East #Africa and the “helpers” were raping and having s. Ex with children. And watch out for a gov/high profile ring in #Australia. Great work SPM.” –@Recce_Rat

*Not his real name 😊☮️

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