Hymn to Sekhmet


To Sekhmet who is great of power, I offer my praise.
O fierce-hearted lioness, great Eye of Ra,
beloved of Ptah who creates as you destroy,
whose wrath falls on the wicked, whose breath of fire
defeats all foes, O lady of slaughter, lady of red,
Sekhmet of the seven arrows, fearsome and furious,
you who arose from Hathor’s rage, O bright and blessed one
before whom evil trembles, I call to you, O goddess.
O Sekhmet who wields the might of vengeance,
you grant as well a kinder gift: O gracious one,
averter of plagues, healer of ills, mender of wounds
who hears the prayers of the ailing and the injured,
the pleas of the desperate and the wretched,
mistress of physicians who steadies the surgeon’s hand,
I thank you for your blessings, I pray to you for favor.

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