This may be TMI, but I feel the need to share this:

As many of you know, things have been very traumatic over the past decade or so in the Gator house. Dealing with my daughter’s multiple mental health issues, as well as raising her child…so now that she is on her own and Mr Gator and I have been trying to repair the damage done from all of this, I’ve been back in therapy, but this time FOR ME. Not me in relation to her….but ME. And in my last session, my amazing therapist asked me if I knew much about codependency. I thought I did, but what I knew only scratched the surface. Turns out it’s not just enabling, like I thought. It also turns out that BOTH Mr Gator and I are codependents. It also turns out that codependents are targeted by narcs as much as empaths are (and guess who is both)! So now that Mr Gator and I don’t have the chaos of my daughter in our lives, we have to figure out how to rebuild a healthy relationship. It’s not easy, but I have faith we can do it. Guys, I cannot recommend therapy ENOUGH. Even if you are high functioning, it doesn’t hurt to get help if you feel “unworthy” or even just “off”. There is no shame in admitting you sometimes need help. And it’s also okay to allow yourself to get better.

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