Andrew McCabe agrees to testify in Oct. 6. Something ‘more damning’ coming amid FISA fallout — Comey the Super Patriot, now McCabe … They lied to the Senate in 2017. I think now they has no choice but tell the truth. I expect Flynn to be free in October. They have no choice but let him go.

On top of Obamagate everything is converging on the Clintons and their Foundation. According to a reliable source Jizz Maxwell is getting ready to throw them under the bus. Just as I predicted Amy Barrett will take RBG’s place. Scalia’s very own protégé and it’s important to note that he was bumped off by the Clintons, Podesta even talked about it in his leaked emails. Obama “missed” his funeral because he was complicit. This too will come into play soon… 

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