Well here I am again. It must b all the narcissism in the air thats poking my therapeutic mindset. I am confused. I’m directing this to Mr Cumberbatch and those who support him. In 21 years of providing therapy to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, I have never seen anyone hang on to a “partner” the way u have. Idk all the details, but I know a narcissist, actually a psychopath, when I see one. I’ve seen her strain to get in the pic, ignore u, physically abuse u (yes, pinching a person repeatedly is physical abuse), smirk, I hate smug, and valiantly hold her belly up (one would think styrofoam would b light). How long r u going to wait to grab your freedom, your life. U have looked physically on the brink of collapse, ref. Brexit. too many times. Your eyes hold so much pain. Mr Cumberbatch, there r people who care about, even love u. Your worth as a human being validates your existence. I am acquainted w despair, worthlessness, helplessness, fatigue, continuous sobbing, even thoughts of death. I’ve seen all this. It is painful to watch u struggle. Pictures and voice tell it all. If u dont stand up and rid yourself of those ropes that r restraining u, u r agreeing w her. U r valueless bc there is no boundary bt u. U merge into her and give her strength. Please choose yourself, separate, powerful, inspired and give yourself permission to BE. JUST DO IT.

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