XR Does Frisco


GTFO of San Francisco you losers! We already have enough crazy bums as it is. So let me get this straight, first Antifa pyromaniacs set California on fire. There is a mountain of footage showing arson being committed. Then on cue you have tools like Gruesome ignoring all of that and going, “oH NoeS, CliMaTE cHAnGE”. The public has soured on Antifa/BLM because rioting, looting and destroying businesses indiscriminately is not remotely endearing. So what do they do now? Roll out XR, their eco-fascist granola munching brethren. Nevermind that environmentalist lobbying from the Sierra Club etc was also partly responsible for the fires! I don’t think the Banksters behind all of these orgs understand that Americans have far more pressing concerns than to entertain clownish nonsense. Many of us love the environment but we simply aren’t into the type of green bougie virtue signalling that’s so fashionable in Europe.

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