And now come the people saying
the time is to fight and not
to mourn, and I tell you plainly

These people are not multitaskers.

You can do damn near anything
while crying, except maybe your eyeliner.
I learned that about a thousand losses
ago.  I weep every day – it never stopped
me from doing anything that mattered
and never let anyone for any second
tell you anything otherwise, not
for a hot second, not at all.

You can curse the darkness
as you light your flamethrower.
Tell the darkness where to shove
its whispers, its lies, its tiny despairs
tell it for good and for all to go fuck itself
then burn it to the ground.

You don’t have to be stone to stand like it.
Mourn as you fight, grieve as you walk
sing through your tears
and keep moving regardless.

Yes absolutely

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