British Slave Trade heir Prince Harry and usurper Barack Obama are presently running the terrorist organization BLM which is funded by the British Crown Wealth, laundered through Netflix, ActBlue (Susan Rosenberg) and Soros NGOs; facilitated by the FBI, CIA, DOJ, State Department, and the MSM (BBC) under the Council on Foreign Relations, which was originally called the Royal Institute of American Affairs (RIAA).

Obama is a British Subject trained by the CIA (MI6) under crypto-royalist GHW Bush (Skull&Bones) who was business partners with Obama’s step father Lolo Sotero, to reclaim the USA as a British Crown Colony in time for Prince Charles’ coronation, which will signal the New World Order, also known as the The British Empire, the Great Reset, Global Britain, New Green Deal, Covid19, the New Normal or, biblically, as the The Worship of the Image of the Beast, leading to the Tribulation.

British Fabian Socialists (the Aristocracy, The Crown in Parliament) financed Karl Marx to ghost-write their Communist Manifesto at the British Museum Library under the commission of the Crown, which in turn funded Bolshevism through Rothschild subsidiary banks on Wall Street to kill the Czar and his heirs, and to subjugate the East under Communism (Treaty at Yalta).

It was Prince Andrew, posing as a victim of, but who actually oversaw and delivered the sexual blackmail garnered by Maxwell and Epstein to the Queen’s Privy Council where it is held to this day as leverage over the crypto-royalist political ruling class in the USA (The Queen’s Court). Donald Trump avoided this trap and hence became electable and adversarial, displacing the Crown’s veto and pardon power in the US presidency that was cemented with the Crown’s assassination of JFK.

Sir Henry Kissinger (outgoing) and his successor Sir William Gates II (incoming) are the Grand Satraps of the the United States of America. The proposed Bill Gates vaccine and its certificate tattoo is the biblical Mark of the Beast which will herald in the cashless society (social credit system) and through nanotechnology facilitate the human soul’s divorce from God the Father to commit the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (trans-humanism).

From an Anon source 🤯. It’s a fascinating theory certainly and it does coincide with what many Bakers have dug up. I’d argue that the Crown in turn answers to the City of London bankers however. Families like the Rothschilds and the Goldsmiths hold the royal purse strings.

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