Do you vet your sources? You know make sure that they are who they say they are. Also, did you counter verified the info with someone who isn’t your source? If the answer is no, and the answer is no, then all you have are unverified claims, aka lies. You and Aeltri aren’t no Bernstein and Woodward. One of these days, your lies are going to get you in deep trouble.


I personally know several of them, so yes, I vetted them. Not to mention the ip tracking that showed a pattern of travel, which mimicked what you would see of a “mule”. Oh, and the fact that she has serious connections to Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, which is OUT THERE for everyone to see (or was until recently). That’s all you are getting from me. Because I am not outing my sources.

I don’t think OP realizes that a damaging dossier has already been compiled on Team Soso. You may pay others to lie on your behalf but the requestors paid good money for the truth. Worry about them, OP. Do you know what’s already getting a lot of people in trouble? Crimes against humanity, look up RICO. It’s only going to get worse in terms of indictments. I hope for your sake that you are only a pathetic apologist and not an active participant. Don’t forget, you are your friends!

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