Well, I disagree with you. No time for Madam Secretary? I don’t believe it. I am not a doctor but I dare to assume that Biden has Alzheimers disease. My uncle had it. He died two years ago. He was 87. This diseases progresses very quickly. I noticed that Biden has had a few episodes when he didn’t know where he was. That’s exactly what happened to my uncle. He started forgetting things and locations. Once he went to a local market to buy fresh produce and forgot where he was. It’s good (1)

he got help at the market … Anyway, I believe Dems find a way to get Biden out of the race. The man cannot debate a child. Forget about Bad Orange Man (2)

There are Residency issues preventing Big Mike from running and you know Cheeto would go after her for that alone. The Dems have essentially painted themselves into a corner. Their much touted vote by mail scheme is dead in the water so I don’t know how they plan on rigging the election 🙄…

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