Part 1. Dictionary

1. Gringo- someone who is not Latino, mostly people from the USA.

2. Chilango- Someone from Mexico City

3. Chilangolandia- Mexico City

4. ¿Mande?- the polite way to say what, say this instead of ¿que? or your Mexican mom will yell at you.

4. Guey- Bro, dude, man. Used at the end of every sentence. 

5. No mames/ No manches- don’t fuck around/ are you kidding/ don’t embarrass me. Say this whenever it really doesn’t matter.

6. Codo- being cheap, usually regios

7. Regios- people from Monterrey Mexico

8. La Neta- “the truth”, don’t say this unless you are fresa.

9. Fresa- a snob

10. Aguas- watch out.

11. AMLO- Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Current Mexican president.

12. Pendejo- Idiot

13. (the hard one) Orale- can mean literally anything

14. Buen provecho- if you see someone eating, say this to them even if they are strangers, you don’t even have to know what this means just say it.

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