From what I understand with what has been unveiled thus far and what we expect to be unveiled, there are factions in the UK gov. and in particular MI6 that were party to the attempted coup of President Trump. Just like in the US, not ALL FBI/CIA/NSA were involved. It is as if there are layers upon layers. Peter Stozcks texts and replies give a window into the level of conspiracy. One need NOT be the “top dog” in an agency in order to be top dog in a plot. This group of people span continents, not just UK. OZ and NZ, and Canada are involved as well.

They are and WERE terrified of Trump winning the election. I think there is ONE MAN we all need to be grateful to and that is Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA who went to Trump I believe on the 17th / 18th of November and TOLD him he was being spied on. Trump et al left Trump tower and from that point on he has maintained his OWN private security force and if you poke about a bit you will find that the head of the Secret Service was recently fired.

This is not to say ALL SS are crooked. If they were surely by now we would have been leaked details of what Bill Clinton was doing on Epstein Island, at least those times he actually took SS with him. I think it is more leadership / factions leaving / making holes in security and then letting the holes be known.

One good example is the previous visit to UK where someone in a light personal flight craft was allowed to fly very close (enough to have actually assassinated Trump) and you can watch the video and the SS with him did nothing, nor did, I might add, the Fn UK police.

Another assassination attempt was the “fake missile” launch that caused such a fuss in Hawai’i.  There was a missile, oh, there was a missile. Speculation that it was launched from submarine and sadly for the plotters the President’s plane was not where they thought it would be. There have been a few assassination attempts, some quite modernly technologically interesting but sadly for the plotters Trump has a sekrit weapon.

Ask yourself have you ever, in the entire history of the United States, seen such HORRIFIC ongoing assaults on a President? The endless whining in the media? NON-STOP bullshit? These people are terrified. Had Hillary won business would have continued as usual. The puppetmasters are pretending to be in love with Trump, and he them, but make NO mistake when their times comes, it is going to come bigly. If he can stay alive that long.

Lorreta Lynch would be sitting on the US Supreme Court as reward for fudging the investigation, and the US would be well on their way to becoming the welfare caliphate that the UK, France and Germany are at present. They had big plans for us. I honestly believe that had Hillary won that we would be in war with Russia and possibly a civil war. We’ve been gifted a timeline shift, I certainly hope we do something with it.

Why would a billionaire with everything at his feet give it all up and risk the lives of his family to be president and live in a crappy old moldy house, and give up his own freedom? Watch his 1996 interview online with Oprah who LOVED him then (perhaps it was her pre john of god child sex trafficking days) ask him about running for president. He says the exact same things then as he said running for president years later. He is doing this for free, everyone of his family have suffered and yet he keeps on.

ALL the people in the UK who have been involved and are STILL involved in this bullshit that is nothing more than trying to keep their filthy buried, their complicity hidden, I have news for them, resting the attention diverter on some two bit whore was one of the biggest fails they ever pulled. She’s not that good an actress.

My advice to people is start looking. Do not be afraid to look. To understand how far back this plan goes one has to step back, try to forget about the brainwashing history you were taught and slowly climb your way out of the pit of lies and disinformation you have been fed. Remember, their symbols will be their downfall.

Good Luck!

OY VEY what is the importance of that number? six?

Ask those uncomfortable questions.

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