My guess would be MM’s big plan has backfired however that is very short sighted. Right now we have the BRF and MM in a standoff aiming nukes at each other. Anyone that says anything different is full of shit. Although it “appears” her’s are fading fast, the UK sticking JA in jail and thinking they are going beat Trump–the crack they’re smoking must be super good stuff. DECLASS kills them all, there will be no coming back from on the micro level we have the BRF and MM standoff which is linked to the standoff Trump is in with the rest of the so called allies…the lying filthy dirty sacks of shit who tried to take over our country from within. Tried to turn us into UK/EU. But we noped on out of there. WE are AMERICANS.  AND (((THEY))) will never kill our spirit.

I did see the H.H. Holmes reference. Psychopathy does run in families and inbreeding doesn’t help. MM’s Ggrandparents were half siblings and inbreeding is not very useful for healthy families either (hello Moslimes). As for the hive, there is literally no way. As I have said before the hive rightfully hates the shit out of Harry. If he were at least intelligent–SOME redeeming qualities. Yes many are well aware of the big picture. I was amused to have discussed Acosta and his role with Epstein with someone only to see Acosta named in a TP twatter comment.

Currently the hive is buzzing its way through a big problem,…one that has lurked and lingered and stunk in the basement for many many years. How to expose the puppetmaster when it is forbidden by law to do so? If you believe you will be instantly socially punished for coloring outside the accepted lines then you are likely to remain silent and fall into line when  what you should do is scream.

We try to sneak in information to get people thinking without being too obvious but as we see ALL around us the masters of the MEDIA are closing out dissenting voices, making it impossible to run businesses BANKERS by shutting down payment options, and CONGRESS making laws and dancing to the tune of the puppetmasters because they are greedy dirty fucks who have handed the enemy the means by which to control them (blackmail)…

Dual citizenship must be eliminated for those holding public office. Ah Omar, the 68 IQ peanut head, inbred dirty married to brother criminal…let’s keep her around a bit longer shall we? The enemy of my enemy IS my friend. (for now).

WHY can’t we even discuss it? WHY are videos and testimony that are contrary to the forced narrative constantly being deleted? IF the American people (and the world) ever figure this out, ever let themselves LOOK and THINK, a wind of rage will blow so hard as to destroy the puppet masters once and for all. I made a very good post yesterday and posted an outstanding video. To be willing to color outside the lines means LOOKING where you are afraid to look. You don’t have to TELL anyone you looked, look for yourself. QUESTION everything.

I am clearly not a stupid person–thus one may ponder, what evidence have I studied what truth have I seen? It is certainly inconvenient– And has been beyond painful as I stepped away from the false narrative of the victors–how easily fooled, how masterfully emotionally manipulated I had been– but I never stop looking. Even IF you do it in secret and silence you should do it (look) because unless we remember, the lies become the history, and the truth is lost forever.

I am curious dear readers, if you were god for a day and told you could nuke ONE (and only one) area of the world (it’s a big bomb though)–firmly believing that doing so would end most of the conflicts in the world, most of the puppet mastery—which area would YOU nuke? (you can send your answers anon, or keep them to yourselves).

Also– thanks dear readers for not entering into conspiracy on my identity. I fear I would turn into a sparkly puppy or something equally cringe inducing should I ever be accused of being a peanut butter alter ego. (insert poop emojis). Unicorns and rainbow fairy farts–NOPE. Chaotic Good? yes.

I am reminded of a line in the space movie staring Matthew McConaghy (fuckitol how to spell it). The name of the movie has done left the barn, but that line– the only one of the movie I remember, is so much more true than you can realize. Called to his daughter’s school he is confronted with a angry that teacher slammed a book on the table and asked him why he let his daughter have that 30 year old history book.He replied that he wanted her to read the truth. The teacher said the truth is irrelevant, we need her to believe THIS not focus on how life was. THIS is where we are now.

If you have NOT seen the movie IDIOCRACY< find it, watch it. THIS is where wer are right now…slip sliding away into the eternal comfortable stupid.

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