Remember those dreams I had?


I know many people don’t believe in this stuff but I think there’s more to it. Humans are spiritual creatures and the spirit can sometimes see what the physical eyes cannot. Read what scientists like Dr. Penrose and Dr. Sheldrake have to say on the matter it’s really interesting.

People who followed CumberAstro back in the day know what I am talking about. Since that blog is no more, someone asked me to describe what I saw so here it is. The first dream was in late 2014, I saw BC arrive at an event and saw a large man in a business suit that I did not recognize. He asked BC to show him his wedding ring and led him inside where he went up to a podium. When BC stepped up to the podium to speak his face was covered with a white comedy mask. But BC’s eyes were wide with terror and full of tears, he also had dark circles as if he hadn’t slept. Then he removed the mask but as he kept talking he started looking gaunt and pale as if something were consuming him from within. It started with a cough, then he gasped for air, spat out a dark liquid, collapsed and lay still. Before he breathed his last he pointed at someone in the crowd and called out more than one name in an accusing tone. 

I had a similar dream shortly after. In it, I saw the living room of an old house with a sofa on which sat two life-sized dolls. It was a boy and a girl with glass eyes, I remember thinking they looked creepy. The same suited man from the first dream came in through the front door and asked to speak to BC. I saw BC come out in a wheelchair but as soon as he got close to the man he lost his voice. The coughing and gasping for air started, he fell out of the wheelchair as the man looked on with amusement. But then a figure in white came and it resuscitated BC, suddenly he was well again, he stood up and angrily told the man “I won’t do it!”. Remember that I didn’t know much about HW or SH or anything ShamWow related at the time. I’ve had many such premonitions come true throughout the years so I have good reason to be concerned. It’s a warning that BC would do well to heed, it seems to me that he is at his karmic crossroads right now. One path will lead him to ruin but the other offers him a chance to start anew. I hope for his sake he chooses the latter before it’s too late…


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