Eyes Wide Open

By Anonymous

I’ve always said that Eyes Wide Shut was based on a true story. Stanley Kubrick was in the know, and he finally had enough. He ran an extremely tight ship when filming the movie, only releasing a page of the script at a time to the actors. Often his filmology is filled with symbolism. He even rented a Rothschild property for the filming – the outside of the masquerade. Look at the masks too, there’s symbology there – the head of the masquerade is wearing the mask worn by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, no fucking shit.

My theory is that it involves the Rothschilds and the crown of England. The orgies were real, except they were with children. I’m willing to bet the overdosed prostitute scene played out in real life, except the prostitute was underage. They killed Stanley Kubrick for this film. Less than a week after its initial screening Stanley died in his sleep of a “heart attack”….Yeah right and Russia used their deadliest poison to not kill anyone in England…Don’t believe anything they tell you.

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