The Club members all have their own secrets that they guard as closely as they do the secrets of their fellow members. They use their leverage to help each other, so let’s see who has gotten paid off thus far?

The Players at THE Wedding:

Clooneys=lavender marriage, murder, and surrogate. Payment? Amal, a lowly Jr. attorney, get’s a primo appointment from PC. Which, oddly Amal’s bestie MM was NOT present for. Did PC toss the appointment to get rid of the Clooney’s? Was that their price for shutting up about Meghan? Which witch is which?

Oprah=sex scandals, child trafficking, procureing for Harvey, sex scandals at her African schools, and Gayle (who attended the shower for her girlfriend). PAYMENT? An exclusive interview with Harry.

Serena Williams=MIGHT be the one that is NOT a die hard club member. MM was NOT at her wedding but she was a Meghan’s, perhaps she was there as the “See I have black friends” token black who is also married to a white man. Serena is merching diapers and MM is happy to lend her name. Serena has had cheating and doping scandals but birthed her own baby. She had a dangerous postpartum condition and was at the baby shower. What their deal could possibly be, is not clear (yet). Maybe just merching.

Priyanka=lavender marriage bearding contract with Nick Jonas. Was at the Royal wedding sans Jonas. Was NOT at the shower and MM did not attend her 11 day marriage extravaganza, possibly because in the tradition of billionaire Indian weddings it outshone Meghan’s wedding by 20 yards. They were NOT friends of any note prior to the wedding and why she was included will have to remain in the mystery pile (for now).

Beckhams= do I really need to go into that one? Her line is failing, David cheats continually, and is tired of financially bailing out the fashion line. IN steps MM to put out the word that Vicki is helping her decorate FC.

Those are just the ones that really had no reason to be at the wedding. How many of them are in on the fake pregnancy? Time will tell.

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