Controlled Opposition: Or, Which Witch is Which


The best way to control the opposition
is to lead it ourselves–Vladimir Lenin

By way of deception, thou shalt do war–MOSSAD

Pt 1.

Opposition is most often defined within governmental parameters as
counterintelligence propaganda which is mostly a pretense designed to get
people to do and say as you wish them to. Social engineering is a major
component of controlled opposition and the rise of social media has made
accessing people in large groups even easier. Most often controlled opposition
is truth mixed with fiction.

and creating the wanted narrative that is partially true, thereby creating the
means by which your audience not only accepts, but spreads your message. The
“mostly true” false message is designed to distort and twist a truth until your audience is
in lock step with the message you wish to believe.

Controlling the opposition narrative
means telling as much of the truth as you can without endangering the person
you need to protect. For instance if you are attempting to protect a bad actor
from an even worse actor, you would find those cheerleaders for your actor and
feed them true things that tear down the enemy all the while assuring them that
their hero is blameless. Crowdsourcing opposition is not new, however social
media has enlarged the scope and reach, and the effectiveness of the “truth” as
you wish to hear it.

not stupid, how dare you suggest I’m being controlled…I believe this because”…and
so it goes. The truth is that anyone in modern society wanting to stage manage
a disaster will immediately harness those people most likely never to believe
it and to carry forth the message you wish to spread eagerly, non-stop and with
an eye to an outcome in which the favored hero not only wins, but rides
elegantly into the sunset as the worker bees dust their knuckles and think
satisfactorily to themselves, “job well-done”.

believe this is what has happened regarding the Half-Wit Prince and his Lady “Love”
Meghan Markle. Stay with me here, the light switch is within reach!

recently Harry has been one of the most popular members of the Royal Family.
Thousands of Brits will never get the tragic image of Harry, the child, walking
behind his mother’s coffin in what as likely one of the largest most notorious
funerals in modern history. He was forgiven almost anything. His cheery
demeanor when on official visits, his charity causes, and his teen and young
adult escapades were all forgiven with the knowledge that he’d grow up
eventually, and all would be right with the world.

Harry has been up to when cameras were not aimed at him, must be so damaging to
the royal family that they not only permitted him to marry a known yacht girl,
but forked over millions upon millions to evacuate him from this situation. I’ve
written several posts outlining the clear linkage between Epstein, NXIVM, blackmail
and SoHo House. Until SoHo blasted onto the scene I was aware of three sites
where people in “the club” carried out their sexually deviant behaviors., now,
with the advent of SoHo, and their three locations world-wide, there are four blackmail collecting entities (Playboy Mansion, The House in St. Charles, Epstein Island, and now SoHo House).

I’ve no issue with adults being deviant with other adults, but the entire point
of blackmail is to catch a person in the act of something so nasty that should
it ever become public, the actor would be reviled. The Club is an entity to
itself. The world runs on blackmail to control everyone and everything and
usher in this cabal of new world order, make willing slaves of the populations
and eventually lead formerly right thinking patriotic people right over the
cliff as they willingly follow the Piper who sweetly plays the tune they all
want to hear.

has something on you, once you get in, you can’t get out. The only comfort is
that everyone else in the club is in your exact same position. The puppet
masters control the world because they have at one time or another appealed to
the baser nature of their targets, filmed it, and sent a “welcome to the club” certificate.
From then on out if you fail in your duty to them, the sword hanging over your
head–and that of your family, can fall at any moment. For some, they are
raised in this environment and become part of it themselves–generational
control and a continuation of a leadership of corruption.

Are these people any different than
you and I? No. Most of us are average working stiffs just trying to make our
way through life with as little difficulty as possible. But life isn’t ever
going to be trouble free, it’s just how life is, and so down here on our level
we too have rapists, pedophiles, dodgy financial dealings, drug dealings,
cults, murders, and horrific child abuse. The only difference between us and
them really, is money, power, and control. We are most likely to suffer the
legal consequences for our actions. They protect each other and carry on. They
decide our laws, but do they decide them based on the will of the people? Or
the will of the puppet masters? I think you can answer that one yourself.

More to come…

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