I don’t get how these posh bints have no job and only a couple of kids to look after yet get a nanny, a cook, a housekeeper and a chaffeur. They are fucking useless, no wonder they get bored and burn through money like mad 🙄…

Among other things

My friend has money and children and a wealthy husband. She has a nanny and housekeeper. I asked her if she felt guilty. She said no, the fact I worked from 16 I’m 40 now independently wealthy why not live my life. I then said I admired her for that but I hope they were remunerated well. Oh yes she said. Both were on double the minimum wage. Approx £16 an hour.

It’s good that they are but what does she do all day? New money or old 40 is way too young to ‘retire’, that’s why people call them the idle rich.

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