Um. Anony here, asking… if the nannies attacking is a bother, then… why don’t y’all (as in the skeptic blogs) make a hashtag of your own? So it doesn’t turn up in normal tags used by the nannies.


Ummm, because I don’t care about their feelings? The whole point of the hashtags is to have it seen by people. The ironic thing is that most of the nannies have me blocked, but they do seem to visit my blog and copy and paste things to complain about, anyway. So, if they weren’t lurking, they wouldn’t see my posts. So creating a different hashtag wouldn’t do shit. They don’t want to avoid seeing my posts, they want to stop me from posting…and so they stalk and try to bully me into stopping and/or anyone who reads my blog to stop. I’m not kidding…they have literally gone through all the likes on my posts ( BC related or not) and harassed those people, too. So fuck them.

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