Peak white Tumblr: spinning Trumpish conspiracy theories about Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife and kid while the world burns. Then lazily reblogging social justice posts to make it look like you give a fuck about anything but your stupid celebrity snowflake obsessions. (You really don’t and you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.)


Nah, Peak Whiteness is being a vapid cokehead who blackmailed her way into a marriage with a famous, talented actor after blackmailing a Studio head, and then faked pregnancies to force said actor to stay married.

Peak Whiteness is being called a Valance by coworkers and fluffing your CV to make it look like you are WAY more accomplished than you are.

Peak Whiteness is being super lazy and expecting people to just give you jobs and money.

Peak Whiteness is being a nasty bitch to people all the time and still expecting them to kiss your ass.

PS: What ass? Bitch is built like a ladyboy!

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