The Best Friend


It wasn’t even a year ago that I wrote about a woman in a foreign country who was great friends with that foreign born DJ who was killed. The woman was also killed. Apparently there has now been another death. This time it is the best friend of the woman killed. The best friend was a big celebrity in the country. She was a model and television host and had been on reality shows in the country. She was just about A list in her country. Much like her friend who was killed, the celebrity started talking about the videotapes and that many of them featured men with very underage females. Because she had seen the list which police have yet to recover, she started naming names she had seen on the list. Most of the people on the list were high ranking members of society, the government and celebrities. After she named names, she was bombarded with death threats. The person who let her see the names was killed two months after letting our celebrity see the names. The celebrity protected herself for awhile by publicly posting to social media that if she died some strange death with drugs involved that it was not suicide. That protection lasted almost a year. Last week she was found dead. The government says she overdosed on cocaine and LSD. Uh huh.
Foreign born DJ: Avicii
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Murdered: Playboy model Natacha Jaitt (Playboy model is found dead ‘from drugs overdose’ after Argentinian house party a year after she tried to expose ‘paedophile ring’ and warned she could be killed)

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