So, you’re saying that folks who don’t want to raise their kids according to outmoded gender stereotypes are devil worshipers? Is that what you’re saying? It certainly seems like you’re saying that.

Not at all. I have have studied the biological differences between the sexes and these are quite profound. Parents should be mindful of this when raising a child according to the natural inclinations of it’s sex and these go beyond cultural norms, there is a vast body of research that supports this. Raising a genetically intersex child as ‘genderfluid’ makes sense but these individuals only account for roughly 2% of the population. To raise a child that has a defined sex as anything other than what it is is not only nonsensical but does them a great disservice. These girls and boys will grow up confused with an ill-defined sexual identity and I’ve never seen anything good come out of that. Should we pigeonhole kids into becoming hyper masculine or feminine caricatures? Certainly not but the objective here should be to nurture their inherent strengths, to tend to their unique needs and to curb or channel their negative inclinations.

Now I am going to get into the Satanic/Luciferian aspect of the ‘Transpocalypse’. You have to understand that positive entities like Angels encourage human self-actualization whilst negative ones like Archons actively work towards our degradation. Their motive is twofold, first of all they have hated humanity since it’s inception and second they literally feed off of our misery. So if they promote anything through their foolish human servants you can be certain it’s meant to destroy us. This is the case with the promotion of what can only be described as state sponsored gender dysphoria. Don’t get me started on harmful and unnecessary medical treatments either…

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