Reading about nonwhite cultures and their history irritates me because they made so contributions that white people get credit for.

I was reading about a Persian Muslim scientist named Al-Tusi who wrote a book discussing about the concept of evolution DURING THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY. He discusses about evolution almost 600 years before Darwin and never had I heard about him until I decided to dive into the depths of the internet.

Having a post get a lot of notes until weird ass whites start attacking me in replies and anon asks lol

Also, Indians didn’t just invent zero, we knew the circumference of the earth, that the earth was not flat but round, that the solar system is heliocentric, and we also had cataract surgery, plastic surgery and the first actual university in history and we also invented shampoo and processed sugar. This is just a small list off the top of my head.



Also, some things achieved in the Islamic world/ stuff that contributed to nowadays:  

1.Mental institutes that provided care for the mentally ill- which had various therapies including music therapy.

2. Most of the Aristotelian philosophy we have nowadays are only there because Muslim scholars loved translating things are writing commentaries.

3.Algebra, sinewave and Arabic numerals – i.e the numbers we use in English now instead of Latin numerals- all Islamic innovations.

4. Early iterations of the scientific method came from various Islamic scholars including Ibn al-Haytham- a Muslim polymath who emphasised experimental data and reproductivity of results.

5. Some of the first modern hospitals and universities were brought to you by none others than Islamic scholars.

6. Muslim physics also had early versions of newton’s law and much more.

And that’s as far as I am in the mood t go as this post could go on for pages and pages and I’ll still not be done so yeah.

Also, all of these discoveries are because freedom of expression and belief as long as it did not infringe harm to the rights of others was a massive pillar of the era. And because Islam as a religion encourages its believers/ followers/idk to educate themselves and knowledge is held to a very high prestige.     

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