I have talked about it numerous times but my main soul mission on earth was to bring down the collective templating surrounding the entertainment industry. One of the biggest tools used for mind control is the media, they implant negative frequencies into people’s energy fields. The media is a conscious entity used in the lower timelines as a tool to keep people trapped in illusions. If humanity could not be mind controlled there would be no media or industry to begin with.

Today is a HUGE timeline split of the old 3D reality and the new 5D earth. Those who are tapped into their soul and living the ascension journey never have to question anything. They know what is real by how it feels. You can only manipulate words, never energy. The energy speaks for itself. It can be felt.

Mind control is in the timeline collapse that is going on with this full moon portal. A LOT is being flushed out of our auric fields right now. Trust that whatever is crashing is ready to be reborn.

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