John of God, Mario Garnero, and Epstein

by AppliedAspergers

Mario Garnero is in Epstein’s black book under the “Brazil” section. This video indicates an Epstein connection with JoG.

First thing I found on Google:

Some of the greatest names in mining are big owners of BRI. This includes legendary resource investor Rick Rule, who calls Amir, “one of the next great executives in the mining industry.” Renowned speculators Marin Katusa and Doug Casey are also large shareholders.

Yet, one of the biggest owners of the stock is Mario Garnero.

She claims Faria would offer money to poor girls aged 14 to 18 to go and live in mineral mines or farms he owns in the Brazilian states of Goias and Minas Gerais.

Looks like an adult was raped at a party he threw:

Posh Spice’s record producer Damon Dash has been accused in court papers of raping a former model who was in a drink and drugs-induced haze, it emerged today. The party was thrown by New York millionaire Mario Ganero, and was attended by the president of Brazil, Ms Thompson said.

Looks like he’s been a white collar criminal for a while:

As mentioned before, NEC, which had the control of the Mario Ganero’s Grupo Brasilinvest, was acquired by Roberto Marinho after a rioted incident involving Garnero and Antonio ˆ Carlos Magalhaes. ˜ At the time, the Minister for Communications reached the point of saying he did not negotiate with thieves – referring to the purchase proposal of 2000 centrals by the Telebras´ system to NEC. Mario Garnero was, at his time, involved in a stock market scandal.

And he spoke at some expo in 1985:

Key speaker Mario Ganero of Brazil, president of Brasilinvest and founder and president of the Forum das Americas, will be included in the approximately 50 speakers addressing the symposium.

And in 2016 he started a company in Florida called MAGA Holdings Inc:

So that’s weird…

Looks like he’s also friends with Clinton, Reagan, Kissinger, etc:

Also, there’s some interesting stuff in this 2003 Portuguese article (machine translation is still bad) about Epstein and Ganero:

But venture capitalists are right to take the field right now for opportunities. Let the American Jeffrey Epstein say so. For those who have not yet been introduced to global financial measures, suffice it to say that this gentleman, present at the convention of Garnero, holds a $ 30 billion investment fund? the most exclusive in the world? … Epstein lives on New York’s most expensive property, the “Great House,” valued at $ 45 million and is said to manage personal assets of Bill Gates, the Agnelli, and Warren Buffett. He never gave an interview, but made an exception to MONEY, through the intermediation of the Garnero. The inevitable question:? Epstein, where is it good to profit ?? . He responds promptly: “Eastern Europe, there is no doubt. Only the East, China, and Brazil remain. In the last two, is it good to wait ?. It is the internet? "It was good after everyone broke the surface,” he says flatly. … A single investor, Jeffrey Epstein, had $ 30 billion to spend. I was looking at the emerging ones. Among the Colonna group, it was believed that there were two types of billionaires in the world. The voracious financiers, who were dedicated to investment banks, hedge funds, exchange arbitrage, real estate development and other forms of creation of financial empires? these were those who bet, who dived, who negotiated every risk; in short, the Rothschilds and Epstein’s of life.

And it looks like a conspiracy website called him a Rothschild pawn in 2014:

The presidential election next October seemed to be the time for a change. Aecio Neves, the former governor of the important state of Minas Gerais had been anointed in 2004 by Lord Jacob Rothschild in a meeting in London (with Rothschild pawn Mario Garnero, Thatcher and Bush Sr.) as the future president of Brazil.

He had chosen a George Soros frontman, Armínio Fraga, who worked in Soros’ Quantum Fund, as Minister of the Economy and has the full support of Brazilian masonry. Neves is a Fabian socialist from a social-democrat party which painted a future for Brazil more in line with a European third-way globalist country than a hard core Venezuela or Cuba-style Marxist one. I believed he would win.

Minas Gerais is the location of the emerald mines that Sabrina mentioned.

It looks like his ‘80s fraud charges are from some sort of backroom political deal? Or maybe these are two separate things:

…Mario Garnero…has been indicted by Brazilian authorities for financial fraud. In the critical moment when the change to the civilian government was being effected,Garnero visited Gusmiio, then Montoro’s interior secretary,and told him that it would be best to adopt a parliamentary system and that President-elect “Tancredo can stay on as Prime Minister.

Bolsonaro recently thanked Mario’s son for political support in 2018:

An 1985 copy of EIR explains Brasilinvest and the charges against Mario:

Federal prosecutors asked a Sao Paulo judge on April 2 to jail Garner.o and three other officials of the Brasilinvest investment house on charges of ’’fraud, embezzlement, 1 trillion cruzeiros [$224 million] in flight capital, and organizing a mafia.”

Brasilinvest was founded in Salzburg, Austria, at a meeting convened in 1 975 by international speculator William Simon, to serve as the vehicle for the old European fortunes and the multinational corporations to buy up and loot the choicest industrial, agricultural, and mineral properties in Brazil. The idea was that a consortium promising to bring $20 billion in private investment into Brazil over the following decade would have the political muscle to get away with more than a multinational corporation could do on its own. Two years later, Garnero paraded seven cabinet members and even the President before the Brasilinvest board, in a dramatic show of strength. At its high point at the end of 1982, Brasilinvest reported earning a hefty $360 million annually on investments of $1 billion in 51 different ventures. It held a near-monopoly of 45% of the Brazilian telecommunications industry as a “Brazilian” front for such as ITT and Nippon Electric Corporation. In the sarne year, William Simon acted as godfather for Brasilinvest to buy a quarter of First Woman’s Bank in New York to have an in-house vehicle for money laundering and for helping the oligarchy pull its capital out of Brazil.

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