God determines our love for Him by observing our response to Truth. When Lucifer first began to stray away from the Law of Love, we can be sure that Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father tenderly confronted Lucifer about his wayward actions. Ultimately, the Father plainly told Lucifer that he was in error. The Holy Spirit did everything short of violating Lucifer’s will in an effort to overcome Lucifer’s stubbornness. Jesus did everything He could to renew Lucifer’s affection, but Lucifer refused to submit to the plainest statements of the Father because the truth exposed his selfish ambition to usurp Christ’s authority. This is how Lucifer became God’s adversary. (The Greek word for devil is diabolos which means accuser or adversary.) Lucifer, the highest of created beings, that glorious covering cherub who stood next to God’s throne, committed the unpardonable sin by rejecting the Holy Spirit. So Lucifer became Christ’s adversary – the first Anti-Christ. Everyone who defies the Holy Spirit and the Word of God eventually becomes a devil (diabolos).

Larry Wilson

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